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Flash Video Lossless Joiner
version 2.0
This Flash video editing tool is especially useful for you, if you already have Flash video clips in FLV format, and consider to combine them into a polished movie with lead-in, lead-out and transitional effects.

Why FLV Lossless Joiner is so useful? Its unique capability to join different video clips without any video/audio recompression saves 100% of the original quality even if source video clips were encoded with different video/audio compression methods.

How it works:
• You add your video clips into a list
You can add as many video clips, as you need. And you can adjust clips sequence after you've added them. The same clip can be added many times, if you need it. And you can remove any video clip from the list.
• Optionally you can choose transition effect
There is a list of animated pictures, illustrating visual effects. Clicking a picture you assign effect for active clip in the clip list.
• You click «Join» button
Joining process goes extremely quickly because it doesn't recompress any source video/audio files.
• Now you can click «View Joined» button
A simple Flash Video Player is opened, where you can see your finished movie and navigate across it to see how it looks. At that time your movie is already saved into a file, which you can define before «Join» button pressing.
• Optionally you can trim each of your video clips
You can trim each of your video clips as easy as to assign an initial and final position in the clip using video preview. Trimmer is opened by «Options» button click.
• Optionally you can add lead-in / lead-out to your movie
There is a simple graphic editor, which lets you add a textured colored background, an image and a text, written with several fonts, colors and alignments. E.g. you can place your logo, a brief abstract, copyright information, etc. Graphic editor is opened by «Options» button click.

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